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Emergency Response Solutions

Emergency One Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of emergency response vehicles, is the industry leader when it comes to product innovations, new technologies and exceeding customer expectations.

E-ONE offers a complete product line including pumpers, tankers, brush units, hazmat vehicles, light and heavy rescues, aerials and airport fire fighting/rescue units. Each vehicle is built to meet your particular mission requirements.

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF)

When the tarmac heats up, you need an apparatus that gets your team on-scene quickly and safely with unrivaled fire suppression capability. E-ONE is an industry leader in the engineering, manufacturing and delivery of ARFF vehicles worldwide. Meeting FAA, NFPA and ICAO standards is a must, but is just the beginning.


Through advanced engineering and innovative design, E-ONE produces aerials that offer a structural safety factor of 2.5 to 1. This incredible performance if one of the main reasons we are the only manufacturers never to have had an aerial structural failure or tip over in more than 30 years of producing welded-aluminum aerials.


With more than 28,000 first responder vehicles in active service throughout North America and 40 countries around the world, what really sets our pumpers apart is the versatility, durability and quality you'll receive from your E-ONE pumper. With options such as aluminum or stainless steel bodies, E-ONE pumpers offer the customization to meet your diverse demands.


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