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John Bean Technologies AeroTech (JBT) is a leading supplier of customized solutions and services used for high-value applications in the air transportation industry. It offers ground-support equipment for cargo loading; gate equipment for passenger boarding, on the ground aircraft power and cooling.

Jetway® Passenger Boarding Bridge

Jetway passenger boarding bridges offer faster aircraft turn times, lower operating costs, and overall improved assets management. Jetway bridges are available in many configurations: Corrugated, Teleradial, Apron Drive or Pedestal. Jetway's advanced technology combined with its proven reliability provide for a safe comfortable transition from the aircraft to the terminal.

JetAire® Preconditioned Air System

Preconditioned air systems save airlines in fuel consumption costs and reduces pollution created by an idle aircraft. JBT AeroTech JetAire units can cool aircraft avionics, passenger cabin, cargo area and baggage store. In addition, the system can be used for spot-cooling aircraft brakes after a hot landing

JetPower® 400-Hz Ground Power Unit

JetPower unit provides power to airplanes when docked. With more than 15 years in service and more than 3,000 units installed, JetPower 400-Hz conversion equipment has become an integral part of modern commercial aviation.


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