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Material Handling Equipment

Logitrans has very comprehensive program of high quality equipment, made from Denmark. The product ranges from Basic Hand Pallet truck for simpler requirement, to Stacker and Rotator where complex manoeuver is required.

Hand Pallet Trucks

The Basic pallet truck is very easy to operate and maintain. Made with standard, galvanized or 100% stainless steel, it has great durability and long operating life. The Basic pallet truck is very manoeuvrable and can contribute to a better utilization of space in storage and production areas.

Twin Stackers

The Twin Stacker can transport and stack two pallets at the same time and can operate in very confined areas, for example, in trucks and shipping and storage areas. The Twin Stacker has small dimensions and is very manoeuvrable!


The Rotator with forks can tilt crates and boxes so that the user can reach the contents without stretching and straining the back. The rotator can turn a box 180º to empty it fully.

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