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Material Handling Systems

NERAK designs, manufactures, installs and maintains some of the world's most advanced Vertical Conveying Equipment and Conveyor Systems for Powder and Bulk Materials as well as Unit Loads or Packaged Items. Our experience extends from the specification of individual Bucket Elevators / Vertical Conveyors to complete integrated Material Handling Systems.

Continuous Vertical Conveyors

NERAK Luggage Continuous Vertical Conveyors are the solution to elevate or lower luggage, luggage totes and other travel items from one level to another in a high speed and high capacity operation. NERAK Airport conveyors operate in many applications throughout the world as a space saving and efficient element of the airport and seaport infrastructure.

NERAK Luggage Vertical Lifts are the solution if you want to change floors, pass over a drive way or elevate to your conveyors on a mezzanine floor or below the ceiling.

Platforms for luggage are specially designed with no gaps to ensure a tangle free transport of every piece of luggage. All platforms ensure a smooth, stable and gentle transport of items. The platforms are attached on each corner to Rubber Chains. The platforms flex in one direction only to be able to bring the platform back in a space saving way and on the other hand to make a stiff flat surface to carry the product.

NERAK Rubber Chains with enclosed high-tensile steel cable are the driving and transporting members without wear points requiring lubrication or maintenance. Operation is silent and clean. Different Rubber compounds are available to provide the right chain for your conveying environment


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