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Xsight Systems - Provider of the world's leading technologies and systems for runway situational awareness and foreign object debris (FOD) detection in airports, and advanced sensors for surveillance, security and transportation. Xsight offers millimeter wave radar, vision sensors and advanced image processing technologies for static and mobile platforms.


FODetect® is an automated distributed sensor system consisting of SDUs (Surface Detection Units) located along airport travel surfaces for high-resolution and high-speed detection of Foreign Object Debris (FOD).

FOD on airport surfaces occur daily and result in damage estimated to cost the aerospace industry over $11 billion a year. FOD includes any misplaced objects found on runways that can cause damage to airplanes, create expensive delays in air traffic, and reduce passengers’ safety.  Today, FOD detection is carried out several times a day by a ground crew that is responsible for driving on the runways and visually checking and assuring that runways are clear of foreign objects. However, there is typically no real-time verification so the aircrafts are exposed to risk.

FODetect consists of Surface Detection Units (SDUs) located along airport travel surfaces for high-resolution and high-speed detection of FOD.

FODetect Key Features:

  • Automatic scanning of runways and airport surfaces
  • Dual technology – 77GHz radar and optic sensor
  • High resolution detection capability
  • Fast detection of FODs – between runway movements
  • Zero runway false alarms - video interface for operator FOD approval
  • FOD source identification and documentation  
  • Scalable solution - hot spots to entire runway
  • Full runway visual coverage for situational awareness

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